Lew LeBlanc teases us in late April ...

Hurry Hurry Hurry! Mark your calendars for the Class of 72 Reunion! Fun, games, pony rides, Face painting and much, much more!!
See Elvis, live and in the flesh! See the shroud of Turin! Shake hands with Bigfoot, on hand for a limited time!!
Watch as the Holy Grail is unveiled for the first time in centuries!! Enjoy music and carnival rides ...

Anyone believe any of this shit?
Not Sure? Come to the 40th reunion and find out!!

September 22, 2012

Then comes back with this in September, the day of the Big Event ...

Damn!! The Royal Family representatives wont make it tonight! Kate and Harry are worried about the dress code!
And remember all those religious artifacts we were supposed to have there? Well the Holy Grail is missing, The Shroud of Turin has stains and
is out for cleaning, and that piece of the True Cross got lost in a pile of tooth picks (it was very small)!!
Well, we still have all the carnival stuff to look forward to anyway!

Bad news folks! Elvis AND Big Foot are missing!!Can't find either one to confirm their attendance tonight. Maybe they ran off together?
Don't think they'll be there!

Wait! I got a tip that the Dead Sea Scrolls might be available for tonight!! Not sure I like their music.......never heard them play.
Wait, they ARE a musical group...right? Aw forget it. We have a DJ!

Just got word from the Carnival people. Seems they were double booked and we wind up on the short end.
There goes the dunk tank, face painting and pony rides as well as all those rides I never told you about.
Well, we STILL have the mud/Jello wrestling,and the Rodeo stuff with the Bulls and stuff.
We can always set up our own version of the kissing/hickey booth. Still looking for staff....Nancy?

Damn! This is getting embarrassing! The rodeo people just called and cancelled! No bull riding or bucking broncs.
I just got word that the mud dried up and the dog ate the jello, so no wrasslin'. Then I heard that Pat Boone got a pimple, so he can't be there.
As if THAT wasn't enough, the fortune teller said that something unexpected came up so he cancelled too! I think Nostradamus was full of shit!!!
We'll have to hang our hats on the flying Wallendas or we'll be stuck with just each other ....
Think that will be enough? ...... I do! See you all tonight!!!

Who would we be without your incredible wit, Lew?!