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P h o t o s   F r o m
A u g u s t   3 0 t h
State Of The Reunion
Updated January 7th, 2006
R e a d   T h e
L a t e s t   N e w s

We Had 91 Reservations Altogether
Revised Guest List  

A total of 71 of our classmates either signed up or showed up for the event held August 30th. Ultimately there were 66 of us along with 20 significant others for a grand total of 86. Nonetheless, it was a smash by all accounts. My only personal regret is that it couldn't go on all night!

The Important Stuff ...
  • The event opens with a cash bar at 6 PM sharp.
  • Come through the lobby of the Sheraton and follow the signs to the Grand Ballroom.
  • You'll see Kate (Thomas) Noer, Gary Chase and me (Peter) at the entrance.
  • Check in with any one of us so we can look you up in the database.
  • Walk-ins are definitely welcome - be advised the price is $60/single, $110 per couple.
  • Be sure to check out the computer display for photos, info and messages.
  • Stick around for the music CD give-away following dinner.

  • Sheraton Tara
    Grand Ballroom South
    Framingham MA

    Let's hope Larry, our posterchild, can bring home some more reservations

    August 30th
    6 To 11:30 PM

    Menu and Music for August 30th   |   Pricing Details for August 30th

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    If you can be reached by e-mail and your name doesn't appear on the e-mail page please contact Peter at contours@mac.com as soon as possible. The only way we can capture your e-mail address is if you send a message from here. Just send a short note so we can add your e-mail and/or physical address changes to the database. You may also forward the information by snail-mail, if necessary. Send it to:
          Peter dellaFemina, P O Box 232, Readsboro VT 05350.

    Gary Chase
    Wayland MA
    (508) 653-6523

    Peter dellaFemina
    Readsboro VT
    (802) 423-5530

    Check it out!

    Eileen Weldon Chase
    Special Advisor (she keeps us on track)