State Of The Reunion

Subject:   It Was A Blast!
   Date:     October 30th, 2007

Dearest Classmates,

I heard it over and over again: "What a fun reunion!". I couldn't agree more. I had such a good time myself I forgot I was running the thing. Deb Cibotti, Function Manager for Sandy Burr, had to pull me away several times. The caterers kept looking around for somebody seeming to be in charge. Heck, it wasn't me ... I was too busy talking and laughing with you guys!

I am so grateful to Dave McIntee and Leslie Olson for managing the check-in table. And thank you, Maggie Putnam for keeping things orderly at the door and elsewhere. You guys were fabulous!

The website will be updated with photos from Saturday by the end of the week, if not sooner. In addition to my own, I will use many of the photos that Sharon Howland took that night. She was a savior since my flash only worked half the time, causing me to miss a lot of you. (I knew I should have used my point-and-shoot instead of that fancy SLR). By the way, please feel free to e-mail me with your favorite shots.

I'll send everyone an e-mail when the site is complete.



Yeah, I was there too!