WHS Class Of 1972
30th Year Reunion

Last updated on July 31st, 2002

Hello Kiddies!

Yes, it's time once again for an update on our 30th reunion celebration! There are less than 30 days to go and if you haven't visited our website lately you might not know about a couple recent changes.

First of all, there's good news for those who have not signed up yet. We had a small rush of reservations before the July 20th deadline that caused me to put off the price increase until August 24th. That is THE last week prior to the event and I urge you to not mail me your payment after that date because I might miss it. But by all means do make a reservation and send in the money before the 24th - it would really help.

Secondly, there is another reason for the delay in a price increase. I regretfully concluded at the current rate of commitments I could not justify hiring someone for our after-dinner entertainment, regardless of format (band or DJ). I did put the time into searching for an affordable band. They ranged from $600 to $1000 for just 2 hours! I even considered contributing a couple hundred of my own money ('cause I REALLY wanted live music) to make up any gap in funds we might have had. But once I reviewed the expenses already incurred I realized it just wasn't gonna happen. So, yeah, there's nobody more sorry than I am about this ... but that's reality this time around.

As a consolation I do plan to offer a complete commemorative CD containing everything currently appearing on our website. I will be adding photos from our yearbook in the next couple of weeks, too. With any luck I'll have a PC display of the whole thing Friday evening for your viewing pleasure. In addition I will put a ton of photos from that night into a new section of the site, package it all up and mail it to everyone who makes it that night.

Hope you're all as excited as me!

See ya,

The Current And Final
Prices Of A Reservation

The current price, which reflects the actual cost of the event, is $52 for individuals and $96 for a pair. (Check the calendar for details). We do encourage you to make and pay for reservations in pairs to get the lower price! We also hope all our expenses will be caught up as more folks sign on at this price. The price is now set to go up to $60 and $110 after August 24th. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR PAYMENT ANY LATER THAN AUGUST 26th because I won't be around to receive it.

Rooms At The Sheraton

We have a block of rooms reserved for anyone who plans on staying around past midnight (when the real party begins). You can call in your reservation and let them know you're with the Wayland HS Class of '72. Doubles and singles are discounted at $99 per night for our group. The phone number is (508) 879-7200.

Respecting Your Sisters

I had the pleasure of re-connecting with an old team mate this spring. Rob Higley and I were on the WHS track team together (it sure as hell wasn't the math team) for a couple of seasons. I sure as hell didn't know anything about distance running back then ... let alone trail running. But Rob sent me an e-mail stating his intentions to run the Seven Sisters trail race this year and asked me if I was thinking of doing it again. Yeah, I know - what's an ex-sprinter doing running the length of the Holyoke Range and back, a course that has a net elevation gain of over 5000 feet and some of the nastiest footing imaginable in good weather. It's too long a story. On the other hand my friend, Rob, lives in Amherst fairly close to the trail, but has never run it before and is thinking of giving it a try. "Jeez, Rob", I said, "I hope you know what you're getting into here". I mean, I knew he was still running and all, but I had done this course two times in recent years and, for me, 12 miles in under 4 hours was a major accomplishment. I can't in good conscience say I was "running" because it was primarily hiking for me with little spurts of jogging where I could manage it.

So I'm totally out of shape this year, but I agree to at least show up to the race. I informed him I would meet him at the start and then take the roads on my bike to the 6 mile turn-around and wait for him there. (In my mind I'm thinking he might need the support, right?) As planned, I catch up with him that Sunday at the base of the first steep incline just before the 9 AM start. When I tell him I could be there at 10:30 or so, just 1 1/2 hours into the race, he tells me I would likely miss him. I tell him I'd be there for quite a while to wait for another friend who planned to hike the whole thing so I was sure I'd catch him sometime (he's a real runner, how much longer than 3 hours would it take him to do the course?). At that point Rob asserts, "well, I should reach the half-way point not much later 10:10". "Yeah, right", I thought to myself, "he really doesn't know what he getting into". "Anyway, that was my time when I practiced it last weekend", he added. My jaw drops.

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Call For News

Wouldn't it be great to know what your old HS pals have been up to before the evening of August 30th? Even during a reunion there is never enough time to engage in meaningful conversations with every attending classmate. Let alone the special people you've been curious about all these years. Mark Kather touched on an idea for reunion night - a "wall of fame" where short descriptions of the lives of folks who could not attend would be posted. That got me thinking how all of us could benefit by posting a bio on that wall. Thanks to the generosity of Sue (Clay) Fitzgerald we are going to have a display and we encourage every single one of you to contribute. Please e-mail your post to Sue at SueTheVolunteer@aol.com from now until end of July.

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